We started with a vision to change technology recruitment and search.  In 2012 we put that in motion to change the game and tilt the field.  We left our recruitment and search hats behind and built a company that actually understands what it takes.  We bring a wealth of technology recruitment skill and DNA; we get it. We are the efficient and effective supply of rock-star and world-class technologists to innovative high-tech firms – across the globe.  If our candidates and our clients don’t absolutely share common goals and values we don’t work with them.  Seriously.  We maintain a high-bar on both sides – very few do. We don’t blindly accept any candidate or any client and give them a number.  That’s not our DNA.  We shadow you – all the time.  We’re partners – indefinitely.  Don’t believe us?  Then ask around…

Paul Redman – Founder & Director

Paul is a founding director of Techfellow, with over 25 years’ technology recruitment experience.  Paul brings an enormity of skill across development and infrastructure, especially in the application of solutions in financial services.  Previously he established, as co-founder and director, Genesis Computer Resources in 1993 — ultimately acquired by a publicly listed company.  Listed in Who’s Who of Britain’s Young Entrepreneurs in 2002 his track record is outstanding and immaculate.

A dozen years and some greys hairs since, he decided to change the game, again, and co-found Techfellow, with Jeff.  Paul believes the marriage of tech rockstars with awesome companies of today is not properly addressed.  Until now.

Jeff Harrod – Founder & Director

Jeff co-founded Techfellow, to bring great relationships and broad market-knowledge to the table.  Having built and directed the infrastructure business at Aston Carter for over 12 years he absolutely delivers.  The pressing strategic hiring plans and the ever-demanding start-ups of today is where he excels.  Our “right candidate, right client” reigns true with him around.

Jeff is currently building out a new security practice, a new division of Techfellow, that will be solely focused on placing high-level Security and Risk professionals into leading trading and technology-driven firms throughout London/Asia and across the United States.

Jeff can “hold court” and so you’ll find him at all the good technology events; distracting you with talk about Formula One, digital cameras, and other tech stuff!  If you get to know him, you’ll know him forever…

The Techfellow, team live and breathe technology constantly; actually, we obsess about it – sometimes a little too much!  Technology moves incredibly fast – everyone says it but few embrace it.

We do it with balance. Do we understand?  Are we empathetic?  Do our clients get things done?  West Coast?  East Coast?  EMEAAPAC? – Of course.