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  • Attack of the Speculators

    Attack of the Speculators

    Since the revelation of a new class of vulnerabilities inherent in the speculative execution technology in Intel and other manufacturers CPUs (named ‘Meltdown’ and ‘Spectre’ by their discoverers), Intel has published three new variants of these vulnerabilities; known as ‘L1 Terminal Faults’ (or L1TF), these are so-called because they affect CPU’s ...

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  • Cyber Security and Herd Immunity

    Cyber Security and Herd Immunity

    Improved hygiene and large-scale vaccination programmes have been shown effective in preventing the transmission of infections. In addition to conferring direct protection to immunised individuals, vaccination programmes also protect susceptible individuals who cannot be immunised. Herd immunity describes a situation where high levels of immunity exist wit...

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  • Cyber security as an enabler for innovation

    Cyber security as an enabler for innovation

    Innovation is critical to the ability of any organisation to continue to compete against its peers by attracting elevated consumer and B2B spend. Smaller companies are typically seen as being more innovative or at least appear to innovate at a faster pace. Part of this is due to size; it is easier and faster to implement change for a speedboat than for a s...

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  • ‘Uberisation’ – a sign of things to come?

    ‘Uberisation’ – a sign of things to come?

    In consulting, travels are unfortunately an occupational hazard, and I have used quite a few Ubers. Until automation takes over, I am having interesting conversations with human Uber drivers. Unbeknown to me, these chats became market research, where I was the one keenly taking mental notes; you can take the girl out of research, but not research out of th...

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  • Cybersecurity: what is the best solution?

    Cybersecurity: what is the best solution?

    An organisation’s cybersecurity strategy acts as the ‘glue’, or perhaps the ‘why’ for an entire programme; but a question I’ve heard being asked by senior management when trying to implement their cybersecurity strategy is ‘what is the best solution?’. Of course, once a strategy has been agreed upon, and high-level policies written, the next step ...

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  • “I was hacked”… or “how I was an idiot and forgot Two-Factor Authentication…..”
  • Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, an intelligent way forward?

    Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, an intelligent way forward?

    We may be a victim of our own success with regards to healthcare. Improved scientific understanding and ever-diligent, we are extremely proficient in the treatment and management of acute conditions, including infectious diseases. However, whilst this success has increased life expectancy, the perfect storm of an ageing population, sedentary lifestyles and...

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  • Data, the new gold or the new wild west?

    Data, the new gold or the new wild west?

    “Data is the new gold” the oft-quoted phrase used to describe the importance of data in the 21stcentury. The origin of this specific quote is still unclear; however, the sentiment was first expressed by the British Mathematician, Clive Humby, in “Data is the new oil”. He and his wife, Edwina Dunn, were responsible for Tesco’s Clubcard, one of the firs...

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  • The bugs bite back

    The bugs bite back

    Ransomware attacks, the most notable of recent times being WannaCry and NotPetya, have barely been out of the news. WannaCry affected IT systems from over 150 countries. NotPeyta resulted in significant impacts for enterprises around the globe, although infections started in Ukraine. Although we have yet to experience attacks of the same scale, beneath the...

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  • Dinner at the Arctic Circle

    Dinner at the Arctic Circle

    Despite the red weather warning from Storm Emma, a group of cybersecurity leaders and start-ups gathered for a roundtable evening amidst the snowy scenes. It’s safe to say that there has always been a degree of healthy friction, both culturally and operationally, between large organisations and start-ups and the two don’t always see eye-to-eye. However, ...

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