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  • Hearts and minds – a winning cyber strategy

    Hearts and minds – a winning cyber strategy

    I have to confess that I am a bit of a technophile; anything bright and shiny has an innate attraction. Fortunately, cyber security is a field with plenty of shiny toys – oops, I meant tools! There is no doubt that organisations need to, and indeed do, make significant investments in toolsets to secure their environments from attackers. Provided the...

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  • DevSecOps – a collaboration

    DevSecOps – a collaboration

    The relentless pace of technological change, underpinned by scientific and technical advances, has unsurprisingly driven changes in our behaviour and expectations. This is especially pronounced for software products. Historically, multi-year product development cycles were the norm, however, acceptable product lifecycle time frames have now been reduced t...

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  • The Checkpoints

    The Checkpoints

    We are all made of cells, little ‘soldiers’, which cater for our needs. Sometimes cells may be damaged as a result of injury or due to molecular assaults and must be replaced by new cells. New cells are produced when a parent cell divides into two or more daughter cells, each populated with a new set of genetic instructions replicated from the parent &#...

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  • Cyber security – Local Warriors

    Cyber security – Local Warriors

    As in other walks of life, keeping it simple will resolve a lot of headaches and ensure organisations are easier to secure. However, every organisation will have a history; this is especially true for large organisations or those with extensive pasts. Security professionals will have to deal with these legacies as well as ensuring the security of tactical...

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  • Encryption – a King’s Ransom

    Encryption – a King’s Ransom

    Encryption is used to help protect critical data from unauthorised access and undetected alteration, but now underpins a key tool box of the cybercriminal seeking financial enrichment – ransomware. The malware known as “ransomware” is distributed and deployed from booby-trapped email attachments or hyperlinks. It denies data owners access to their...

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  • Robot Wars

    Robot Wars

    To date, cyber-attacks have been initiated by, and ultimately controlled by, humans. This is akin to the television combat competition, Robot Wars, where the robots are effectively the technical tools we use for offence or defence activities. However, we may be moving into new territories; artificial intelligence systems attempt to take advantage of moder...

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  • Attack of the Speculators

    Attack of the Speculators

    Since the revelation of a new class of vulnerabilities inherent in the speculative execution technology in Intel and other manufacturers CPUs (named ‘Meltdown’ and ‘Spectre’ by their discoverers), Intel has published three new variants of these vulnerabilities; known as ‘L1 Terminal Faults’ (or L1TF), these are so-called because they affect CPU’s ...

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  • Cyber Security and Herd Immunity

    Cyber Security and Herd Immunity

    Improved hygiene and large-scale vaccination programmes have been shown effective in preventing the transmission of infections. In addition to conferring direct protection to immunised individuals, vaccination programmes also protect susceptible individuals who cannot be immunised. Herd immunity describes a situation where high levels of immunity exist wit...

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  • Cyber security as an enabler for innovation

    Cyber security as an enabler for innovation

    Innovation is critical to the ability of any organisation to continue to compete against its peers by attracting elevated consumer and B2B spend. Smaller companies are typically seen as being more innovative or at least appear to innovate at a faster pace. Part of this is due to size; it is easier and faster to implement change for a speedboat than for a s...

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  • ‘Uberisation’ – a sign of things to come?

    ‘Uberisation’ – a sign of things to come?

    In consulting, travels are unfortunately an occupational hazard, and I have used quite a few Ubers. Until automation takes over, I am having interesting conversations with human Uber drivers. Unbeknown to me, these chats became market research, where I was the one keenly taking mental notes; you can take the girl out of research, but not research out of th...

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