Our candidates get hired because they are rock stars at what they do.  They really believe in technology and don’t just say it.  They’re not just good, they’re awesome — like our clients.  We put them together.  That simple.

Let’s face it; technology is cool, as is science — and now more than ever there’s actually the freedom to innovate creatively.  For those that break the mould, cast out preconceived ideas, and change the status-quo there’s never been a better time.  Here at Techfellow, we embrace them — the passionate, the stylishly nerdy, the crazy ones…  The people other people talk about.

Make no mistake we maintain a high-bar for our candidates and our clients alike.  They both expect nothing less.  It’s why we’re here and why we’re different.  We look for candidates that live and breathe technology.  The kind that plays with mobile app development in their spare time as an SA, put an NFC sticker on their notepad to fire-up Evernote, root their phone, and a million other things they do beyond what is asked of them day to day.

Technology is a passion not a profession for our candidates.  They’re knowledgeable, bright, tenacious with humility, and thoughtful of what is the right thing to do for the firm.

Our candidates consider technology an art driven by common sense, experience-based intuition and hands-on analysis.  They’re do-ers! Is this you? Looking for something different? Get in touch and send us a message, you may additionally upload your Résumé/CV.