Techfellow Data Science and Engineering is headed up by Joe Pocock, our resident expert on all things data, mentored by Paul Redman, one of the founders.  

Subsets we specialise in :

  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning (supervised/unsupervised, NLP, Deep Learning, Computer Vision)
  • Big Data (Analytics &/or Bandwidth/Performance &/or Content/Storage)
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cloud
  • DLT / Blockchain


Data Analytics

Once relevant data is recorded, consolidated & stored, data analytics is the key to capitalise on the value of the data and transform it into impactful insights.

It’s not the data that’s important, it’s the insights gleaned which are key to accurate assessment and deep understanding of business situations. Without actionable insights driven by statistically-valid models, any data fed into such models is not worth gathering.

Data is like music, and the insights you get from data are like one’s enjoyment of music. Whilst everyone can agree what data (music) is, not everyone can get useful insights (enjoyment) from the same set of data (music).


Moore’s Law is exponential, but AI’s deep learning is driving its own exponential with performance/watt increasing 2.5 times each year. It’s expected that by 2025, AI will generate 160 zettabytes of data, with 80% of that unstructured.

Data + algorithms + compute + machine learning = knowledge and cognition. We at Techfellow believe this will be the catalyst to create new modes of systems transformations that will usher in the next industrial revolution.

“Software is eating the world … and AI is eating software” Amir Husain, author of The Sentient Machine, at SEMICON West 2018

The myth is that AI is the new electricity & the end of humans. In reality, until the age of Artificial General Intelligence, current AI is just improved automation; allowing companies to maximise efficiency, through effective uses of subsets, such as machine learning & deep learning to manage uncertainty by predicting more certain outcomes. After all, cloud, AI, data analytics & virtual/augmented reality technologies offer the greatest potential for global industry.


Distributed Ledger Technology transforms the way data is stored, managed and exchanged, whilst offering complete transparency and integrity for all parties involved. This is achieved through distributed consensus and cryptographic proof.


The IoT opens the gate to a flood of new data, which needs to be professionally collected, condensed and made available. With integrated AI, devices are moving beyond smart, and becoming cognitively aware. It’s predicted that by 2020, investment in IoT will reach $907bn per annum, with ‘Industry 4.0’ turning this data into new insights & business models


Whether you’re a candidate wanting expert career advice and access to the most exciting data science and engineering positions in the market, or an employer looking for the best ‘data’ talent – then look no further than the team at Techfellow. In short, if you’re passionate about data we would love to talk to you! 


Joe joined us from the BBC, where he was a current affairs reporter for both national and local radio. Creativity, engineering and technology have always been in his blood – from building Meccano models as a child, to painstakingly animating short cartoons frame-by-frame using Microsoft Paint and Windows Movie Maker in his teens. Now he just spends too much time on YouTube watching various technology bloggers. So, it seemed fitting that he should spend his days helping technologists find new & exciting challenges, where they can continue to develop technology that he loves interacting with.

From coding in the 80’s on Acorn microcomputers, Paul has continued to apply the mantra of GIGO to data quality. Ironically he’s found the technology recruitment industry the most apathetic to data quality, most likely due to a large percentage of recruiters purporting to understand their supposed field of expertise (something that surely resonates with technologists themselves). Still, we like it this way, as this distinguishing USP is one of the reasons we are considered a trusted partner by firms and candidates globally.