Here at Techfellow, we realise that technology doesn’t stand still, it’s always evolving, and becoming more decentralized.  That’s why we get excited about new technology and get involved. Grace Hopper once said “I have always been more interested in the future, than the past…” and we wholeheartedly agree.

A little while back, one of our colleagues saw something in a charity shop.  It was a 1969 book on “Computers at work”; it talked about the IBM System/360 Model 25 which was available for rental for about $5,000 a month (as of 2016, this is about $32,000), with a purchase price of around $253,000 (roughly $1.6mm today)… This had the basic memory in 16,000 bytes. We found it funny given the pace of change. If you said to many youngsters, about an SD card having 128mb available to you, they’d laugh, yet in 2004 that that was considered an amazing feat of technology. Nowadays we take for granted having 128gb available on a microSD, Exabytes of information at our fingertips and the WWW in our pocket, yet this all had to start somewhere.

One of our industry friends said;

“Sometimes the shock of nostalgia is a positive… we should never forget the constrained machines we grew up on… that’s all… just remember those lousy boxes, and write code for THEM today. If you do that, keeping in mind the same memory, CPU and I/O constraints as back then, it’s all that anyone needs to know about writing high performance and quality code today. Code smart, don’t allocate for the fun of it, know your allocation patterns, understand your complexity and optimize for the early out.”

This is why we live and breathe tech; we look for that seed of innovation and follow it as it grows.

One of our directors, Paul Redman, regularly attends conferences along with our Lead Data Consultant, Joe Pocock.   Most recently they attended a Corda conference on Blockchain and DLT; focussing on financial services.  As technologists at heart, we do our best to get as low a level understanding of these technologies as possible, so that we know what our clients need now, and in the future. This is intelligent recruiting.

We understand for example that Blockchain is not just for Bitcoins,  (or Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, Quark, Freicoin or any one of the 1800+ other cryptocurrencies around), we know that it has uses far beyond this. It has the potential to revolutionize not only the financial industry but the world as we know it. It can bring trust to a trustless world, and give a secure identity to everyone. Unlike others who jump on the buzzword bingo bandwagon, we like to discuss and learn about emerging technologies from the start.